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SEO Social Media 2021 Trends That You Need to Focus On

            In 2021, SEO and social media trends have never been more vital when it comes to keeping your business ahead of the curve. You need to be placing yourself in full view of your audience. Keeping abreast of the major 2021 trends is always going to be a powerful route to results.  


            When it comes to really making the most of social media as a business, live streaming content can prove extremely powerful when used right. Right now, you’ll only really see the giants online making use of live streaming. However as we go forward into social media trends 2021, we’re going to be seeing more and more businesses making use of live streaming to reach their customers and audience.

Voice and Visual Search

            Voice and image search have been increasingly vital when it comes to SEO. Making sure that you’re optimising your website from as many angles as possible is vital when it comes to thriving nowadays. Mobile, desktop, technical, image, voice, whatever, SEO optimisation needs to cover all the bases, especially in 2021. We’re going to be seeing a steady trend of increasing voice and image searches. So it only stands to reason that websites need to really focus on SEO optimisation in these areas going forward, with social media 2021 playing a major role too.

Easy-to-Consume Content

            Text and other traditional forms of content are always going to have their place, but as with all things technology nowadays, convenience, as well as content, is king. If it’s not easy to look at and enjoy, chances are, it’s going to get ignored. That’s why producing easy-to-consume, useful content is vital in social media 2021. That means things like videos, animations and infographics. Short, punchy and targeted, but easily digestible. This is going to be major going forward.

Brands Must Humanize Using Social Media 2021

            This has long been true, but as we continue forward into 2021, people are only getting more and more suspicious of faceless online brands and businesses. There’s an easy solution here within social media trends 2021. Utilise your online presence to drive your businesses identity and brand towards a more human likeness. You don’t want your business to seem distant and faceless, use social media to overcome that. As we move forward, this trend is only going to continue, and no business wants to be left behind in that race.

Long-Form Content for Social Media 2021

            I know, I already said “easy-to-consume content”, but hear me out. It’s not just about creating content that grabs people’s attention. It’s about providing the deeper forms of content that allow real authority-building while enabling a huge amount of SEO optimisation and variability. You can utilise longer-form content to back up shorter-form content while providing backlinks and other SEO elements. In short, you need a variety of content types, serving various purposes. All in order to build the strongest possible online social media trends 2021 presence.