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SEO for E-Commerce Websites

Quite simply, E-Commerce allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to sell their products through their website. This integrated solution has given businesses the ability to quickly and easily add an online shopping facility to their existing retail business. It’s also allowed a myriad of online businesses to develop, from the ubiquitous Amazon to those selling their art and craft creations.

Search Engine Optimisation is an extremely valuable component of a successful E-Commerce website. It allows businesses to attract traffic to their website through search engines. This is key for developing E-Commerce businesses because having a successful SEO strategy allows companies to connect with people who otherwise have no way of finding them.

There are various ways of building an SEO strategy for E-Commerce businesses. ‘Pay Per Click’ Advertising, often known simply as PPC, can be used to ensure that your company is displayed when a person searches for a specific term relating to your business. If you’ve got the capacity to produce a blog or regular articles this will not only help you develop a regular readership but also enable you to feature more prominently in search engine results. Link-building, which involves targeting an increase in inbound links to your website, is highly valued by search engine algorithms (and don’t forget, this includes social media too!) and the sheer volume of traffic that your website attracts is also a big factor.

Using a Keywords tool (Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool is a good starting point) will help you identify which search terms your potential audience are using. In turn you can then develop an SEO strategy to ensure that you position yourself to attract traffic. This is crucial for everybody, regardless of the size of your E-Commerce business. If you’re in a niche market, there might not be many people searching for you, so it’s very important that those who are can find what you’re selling. Equally, if you’re working in a very competitive market then you need to find creative and consistent ways to reach people.

The world of retail is always changing, and so your SEO strategy needs to reflect this. As technology and trends change there will often be a spike in the number of people searching for a particular product. This might only last days or weeks, so keeping on top of your SEO is crucial. When you release new products or services, you need to ensure that your SEO is also updated. Even the change in the seasons should be factored into your SEO strategy – if you’re selling seasonal products such as BBQs or water slides then you need to be ready for the first hot weekend of the summer!

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