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Remember, Remember…

This evening millions of Brits will be wrapping up warm, grabbing a torch and a thermos and heading out to see a fireworks display. We thought that we’d take the opportunity to share three ways in which a fireworks display is a brilliant illustration of why web design is so important to your business.

1. We are inherently visual – beauty attracts us

A great display of fireworks will inevitably result in a chorus of “oohs” and gasps from those who have gathered to watch. There is something intrinsic about the colour and movement and noise of an exploding firework that is hugely pleasurable in the eye of the beholder.

The same principle is directly applicable when we are talking about website design. The response that we make when we visit a new website might not be as audible as at a fireworks display, but it will nevertheless leave an indelible mark on us. A beautiful website is a pleasure to use, and quickly inspires trust and confidence in the mind of the visitor. Equally, a poorly designed website can be uninspiring, erode confidence in your services and is ultimately easily forgotten. That’s why our talented team of web designers work hard to build quality websites that are both visually attractive and functionally outstanding.

2. We are inherently habitual – we’ll come back for more

If you’re heading down to your local school or sports club this evening you’ll notice that the crowd will consist of people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are; if you’ve enjoyed fireworks displays in the past then it’s highly likely that you’ll enjoy them again this year.

The fact that we are creatures of habit is not lost to website designers. If a website looks good, performs well and delivers the service that you are looking for then it is highly likely that you will come back for more. This is exactly why social media networks have seen such explosive growth over the past decade. Investing in a quality website will help you to secure a loyal following of customers and clients who will keep coming back for more.

3. We are inherently interested – we notice things that aren’t directly intended for us.

On November 5th millions of Brits will enjoy watching firework displays that weren’t actually intended for them. Whether it’s by gathering on a local hill or simply standing in the garden to enjoy Mr Jones from down the road set off his array of rockets, we love to watch firework displays from a distance, particularly when it means that we get to avoid the crowds.

A web designer embraces this concept. The beauty of effective website design is that it gives you an opportunity to engage with a huge audience, including potential customers who have not yet considered choosing your products or services. Leveraging SEO and working hard to develop your website gives you an opportunity to reach potential customers and put yourself on the map. You have an amazing opportunity to communicate your vision, values and services to thousands of interested onlookers.

We hope that you enjoy a great display of fireworks this evening. If you’re feeling inspired to rethink your website design then we would love to chat to you.