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Raw Functionality is the Key Web Design Trend of the 2020s

When building a website, what comes first, cutting-edge design, or powerfully functional web development? Going forwards, cutting-edge function is going to be the order of the day. Here’s why raw functionality is going to be the defining web design trend of the 2020s.

Device Responsivity is Now Considered the Minimum

The fact remains that if your website isn’t responsively designed, you’re barely meeting the minimum standards of a modern website. Mobile browsing has overtaken desktop, voice search is huge, and new ways to browse are constantly emerging and gaining ground. If you aren’t adaptable, you’re sowing major future trouble for yourself.

Building a quality website that at the minimum is responsive will set you in good stead going forward, and be a solid base to continually improve upon and refine.

There’s No Greater Web Design Trend That Speedy Page Loading Times

Not really anything new, is it? The fact remains that web page loading time is still just as important as it has ever been. Without a fast loading time, you’re going to be turning away customers, as well as failing to accommodate new tech, ways of browsing and richer content. You need the best possible loading times possible, and this is none negotiable.

It’s been important for a long time, but going forward, it’s more crucial than ever. Don’t neglect site speed, it’s an easy way to boost your visitor numbers and accommodate browsers.

New Devices and Ways to Browse

Everything I’ve talked about so far has almost gone without saying. These aren’t exactly cutting-edge points, you’re saying. That’s true. However, without them, you cannot hope to build a modern website with powerful, cutting-edge functionality.

As virtual reality browsing becomes a thing, and voice search continues to gain ground, who’s to say what the next major shift will be? All you can really count on is that change will continue and that building a solid base to continue adapting is going to be key.

Less Relentless Focus on Cutting-Edge Design

Far too many web design services relentlessly focus on producing websites that look as cliché modern as possible. This isn’t actually good design, it’s pandering to web design trend and inauthentic. Truly modern design doesn’t continually reach to appear futuristic and modern. This is going to be one of the defining factors of 2020 web design. Actual raw functionality over surface-level, supposedly modern design. There are lots of ways to develop new site ideas. Produce an experimental website with voice control navigation, or super speedy loading times that keep up completely with 5G, or virtual reality friendly site browsing. There are lots of actually modern approaches, but for now, simply being device responsive and quick-loading is the base every website needs.