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Why Quality Content Trumps Everything Else

When it comes to search engine optimisation, and getting your website the traffic needed to drive business, there are a lot of different ways to go about it. There’s a million different techniques, tricks and tweaks, all promising to give you the traffic flow you need, but few measure up in any consistent way.

As the search engine ranking algorithms have gotten more and more complex and intelligent, they’ve gotten better at actually identifying valuable content that people actually want to read and enjoy. Combine that with some simple SEO tweaks and you’re onto a winner.

That’s why content is still king, because instead of trying to trick an increasingly complex and intelligent system, you’re doing what it wants you to, and providing value to the internet. Here’s a few reasons why quality content trumps everything else.

It’s Genuinely Valuable and Interesting

Web designers nowadays know that people won’t stay long on sites that don’t pique their interest, and keep their attention. That’s what a good site has to be, it must engage with and retain the visitor’s interest.

It follows then, that it must do the same with the content. It has to provide value, and be interesting, and that’s how you hold onto your visitor’s interest, while actually generating value and authority online.

You’re Not Trying to Trick the System

The best part about content marketing is simple. It’s genuine. You’re not trying to game the system, you’re just providing value and boosting your own authority on various subjects.

You can link to and work with other sites, and create networks of quality, valuable content, all the while having a profoundly positive effect on your SEO goals. Sure, less transparent SEO techniques can work, but they’re not as straightforward, logical or easy to build on as simple content marketing.

It’s Bespoke to Your Aim

We’ve all seen those hideous keyword-stuffing articles, barely articulate, difficult to read, and obvious as anything. That’s the kind of content you want to avoid. Quality content is articles, blog posts, infographics, videos, whatever, built around the themes and ideas of your website.

Any website designer worth their salt understands this, and that’s exactly why black hat SEO tricks are steadily going out of vogue.

Especially when you see huge, successful online businesses get caught out by Google, and exiled to search results page number twenty-three. Not only is quality content encouraged, but rubbish content is penalised.

On top of that, you’ve got the fact that original, non-plagiarised content has its own value on the net, with non-original content and duplicate content also being penalised and ignored by search crawlers.

Organic Results are the Best Results

At the end of the day, when it comes to SEO traffic results, you want real people, arriving at your site naturally, in a way you can build on and refine, and that’s what quality content can provide for your business and website.