Put your glasses on

11th January 2010


There’s one big thing making a buzz at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and that’s 3D TV. Most of us have made the transition to digital TV and even to HDTV – and the market is worried about what they can sell us now. Well, they think it’s 3D. Most of the big players were showing 3D TVs at the show and are pegging their hopes for large sales and huge public take-up. Although this might sound like wishful thinking on their parts, 3D TV does have one big advantage, which is that consumers can really see the difference. It was tricky for the maufacturers to persude us about High Definition as sometimes it was hard to see the difference – but with 3D there’s none of that – it’s instantly amazing.The plans at the moment are for most film releases to be made available in 3D and so you’d view these on the TV’s via traditional and blu-ray DVDs. But there are talks for broadcast TV to be in 3D (The Discovery Chanel are believed to be preparing for this) and things will get really interesting then.

Of course the big problem that we can see is that you still need to were those silly glasses – although they are looking seriously cooler now than the old fashioned paper numbers with sweet wrapper lenses.Watch this space. In 3D!