Presentation v content

20th June 2012


Over the years the different aspects of web design have been debated in terms of their importance and different people have different opinions on which aspects need to be given priority. Some experts consider that presentation is far more important than the actual content on the site. This is not to say that content should be given less attention than presentation.

One of the reasons why many people consider presentation to be more important is because this is the first contact the user has with the site. They will instantly be making judgements on how the site looks and will help them to decide if they want to continue making use of the site. This is where art meets web design. An eye-catching design will ensure that people want to find out more.

It is considered to be a fact that people take just a few seconds to make a decision on a website. As a result content is being designed to be more visual. It is not enough anymore to just have a blog post or a few lines of writing as an update. More and more sites are adding video in various forms and it is now the case that web design is not just functional but has become something of an art form. Image-friendly sites such as Pinterest and Facebook are seeing a growth in use as a result.

This is one of the main points of creativity – show not tell. Those who look at a well designed site will be taking in more than the words, they will be looking at the images and the overall presentation as well. This gives them a better idea of the way each site works.