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Plumbers Should Have Web Presence

Where art meets web design, Yell have urged plumbers in the UK to start up a website offering their services in order to make themselves known to the thousands of people who search for plumbers online every month. At the very least, they should list their details in a directory such as Yell or other industry-related sites. This will help them to secure a lot more paid work, as more people use the internet to search for information and services than using handheld directories these days. If plumbers do not list themselves online then they could be losing out on a major amount of work.

The search for “plumbers” on Google actually hits around 823,000 searches per month in the UK, so this is a very popular service that people are looking for, and they are mainly doing it online. The more you promote yourself online, the higher you will be able to get up the search engine rankings, so more people will see your details and hopefully book work. Various search engine optimisation techniques and adverts can help with this. A web designer can take you through the process of setting up a website or listing your information in web directories and promoting your services online.

A large majority of the Google searches have been for London plumbers, which hit around 40,500 searches per month. Many consumers log onto the internet as their first point of call in order to find information. This is why it is so important to set up a website, especially as, if an emergency call out is required, people are likely to search online for plumbers using their mobile internet.