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New Web Design for BBC

The BBC has launched a new web design upgrade, which has been created with the touchpad devices in mind. More and more people are using tablets and mobile phones to access the internet these days, so it has made it much easier for these handheld devices to access and navigate around. This is a good decision for all sorts of websites. It will increase traffic, as more visitors will be happy with how easy the site is to use, rather than leaving because it isn’t compatible with their device.

The new website has a much larger ratio of white space than the older one. This makes it easier to see the content from a mobile phone or tablet device, as it makes it stand out more against the lighter background. It is also tailored to your specific location so that the content will vary depending on where you are. There are also useful information features, such as local weather, date, location and the current time.

The layout is very simple and easy to use, so it allows users to access and navigate around the pages without any problems from any sort of device. This makes it more appealing for all sorts of visitors to use, rather than just those using a desktop computer or laptop. There is a section that provides the top news stories, sport, radio and TV, so you can access popular content straight away without having to search for it. It is very easy to navigate around, as all you need to do is to scroll right or left for more content to appear, making it ideal for mobile phones and tablets.