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New London Transport Web Information Service

Travel information sites are key to allowing the public to plan and book their everyday journeys. TfL has acknowledged this and has launched a new web information service that can be accessed by mobile phones and computers, giving the customers more convenience and ease of use. It can also be accessed via text messaging for those who do not have internet capabilities on their phones.

The web design of the new service has incorporated live information about all the 19,500 bus stops within London. You can even use the travel tool to enter a postcode, bus stop code (displayed at all bus stops and available on the TfL website) or street name to plan your journeys and find out when the next bus is coming along.

It is important to make all sorts of public service websites accessible to mobile phones these days, as pretty much everyone has one, so it enables information to be available whenever and wherever the person is. This makes it much more flexible and convenient, so that the customer can find out about travel options and make their decisions there and then. The design of the sites should be simple and easy to use from a mobile phone. Flashy features and lots of images do not need to be used as it can put the customer off, as all they want to do is find out information rather than be distracted by an overdone design. Many other businesses have also made their sites mobile friendly due to the increasing use of mobile internet in the current society. It gives people more freedom and a wider choice of options than ever before.