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New e-commerce approach from Facebook

Facebook users may begin to see a new approach from the site. It is reported that there are plans to make the most of e-commerce by adding a “want” button. The site features many advertisements and the website designers are looking to find new ways to monetise the site for greater returns. The button would work in much the same way as the current “like” and “comment” options. Some of the external adverts that appear on the site have a similar option but this new development is being carried out by Facebook itself.

The power of Facebook in the social media world is not to be underestimated and many companies have opted to use the resources on the site for online marketing. E-commerce is big business for many websites and it could prove to be very lucrative for Facebook. The “want” button would have the benefit of letting the web design teams know which products the users of the site already have and those that they would like.

This is particularly useful for advertisers as they would be able to use advertising options that are targeted to the market and they could see an increase in sales. The hope is that Facebook users will use the button as much as they use the “like” button. As Facebook looks to establish itself as an online marketplace it will be developing features that are similar to this one and users of the site can expect to see many new additions and changes over the next few years as the website develops further.

This new addition to the website design will also allow users to create their own wish list of items and allow the process to be easy and allow friends to see gift suggestions quickly and easily, as this would feature on status updates and profile information.