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New BBM Music Feature

Where art meets web design, BlackBerry has launched a new music feature called BBM Music. The good news is that users can trial it for free for 60 days. If they wish to go ahead after this time, it will cost £4.99 per month.
The tool allows users to select and download songs from various big record labels, including EMI, Universal, Warner and Sony. The more friends a user has on BBM, the bigger their music library is, so there are benefits to having a lot of contacts on your phone.
BlackBerry is one of the top mobile phone brands in the world, along with the iPhone. The smartphone industry has boomed in the last few years, as they offer better features than standard mobiles. These include an extensive range of apps to choose from and download, as well as internet capabilities.
Web design has become optimized for the use of mobile phones. Many websites now have mobile friendly versions of their sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Apps for these are also downloadable, allowing the user to access the social network directly from their home page screen rather than going through a browser. The links have become easier to click on through the use of buttons, as well as the pages loading much quicker by taking out large photos and any Flash or complicated web design. It is all kept very simple, but still offers everything that the user needs.
Many music apps have become popular over the last few years. People are able to download tracks when out and about via their 3G connection within their data usage package or by connecting to a Wi-fi connection using their phone in a public place.
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