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Mobile Website Design: The First Steps…

Mobile website design is making big waves in the web design world…

There are many clear advantages to responsive and mobile website design. It helps to keep life simple; your company can keep one website, one SEO strategy and one set of content. This helps you to prioritise and work hard on improving your website design, rather than simply scrabbling to keep it all up to date.

Whilst some businesses have responded to the increase in mobile web traffic by developing apps or bespoke mobile sites, it looks like mobile website design is a superb all-round solution for many companies…

The best website design is always meticulously planned, well researched and carefully thought-through. The same is true of mobile website design – the success lies as much in the research and planning stage as it does in the development and coding of the site.

It’s therefore inevitable that mobile website design should begin with research. We hope that this article gives you plenty to think about as you consider the advantages that responsible or mobile web design could bring to your company.

It’s important to realise that mobile website design is fundamentally different to desktop website design. It’s about people on the move – whether they’re on the tube or grabbing a quick moment between meetings, or simply browsing the net whilst cooking or waiting to meet a friend. This means that the design needs to be geared towards the person as well as the device.

A web designer will optimise a site both for the screen resolution and the device’s operating system (eg iOS or Android). They will also ensure that the web design is compatible with older versions of operating systems for site visitors using older devices. During this process there will be questions about navigations and breakpoints; how should the page look on a mobile device? What distinctions will there be between different operating systems and devices? How should the content stack in the page? Which details do mobile visitors need to read first?

If your research shows that your website is attracting a particularly high percentage of mobile traffic, you might make the bold move of opting for a responsive mobile-first website design. The premise of this is very simple; the site is designed for mobile users and then optimised for desktop users (flipping traditional web design principles on their head). This is proving to be an attractive option to many businesses, particularly those in the tech sector. The best mobile sites are simple, elegant and clean, traits that are increasingly popular for companies looking to make a bold statement with their website design.

If you’re thinking about revamping your website design and have been thinking about the benefits of responsive web design, mobile design should be featuring highly on your radar. If you’ve got questions about web design, or would like to speak to us about helping with your next website design project, you can contact us here. We’d love to hear from you.