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Has Mobile Website Design Eclipsed Desktop Design in Importance?

Over the last few years, mobiles have undeniably taken over the internet, but have we reached a point where mobile website design is more important than desktop? We think we might have.

Number of Mobile Browsers

What it really comes down to when you’re determining the importance of mobile website design versus desktop website design is the sheer numbers of users browsing on smartphones and tablets rather than on desktops and laptops, and with this metric, there’s a very clear winner.

Nowadays, 60% of searches come from a mobile device, with mobiles and tablets having overtaken desktops way back in 2016. With the vast majority of people using smartphones for their browsing and online shopping, it’s a questionable decision for businesses to go without appropriately responsively designed websites.

Of course, there’s always new technology to adapt to as a business, and it’s not always quick, cheap or easy to do so. When it comes to mobile website design, it might require a whole rework of the site, but it could be much more valuable to your business than your current mobile-discriminating website.

Google Approval

Google has their eye on the future, that’s what’s made them into the corporation they are today. They’re the biggest search provider in the world, and they intend to keep that title. With that in mind, they want to keep making sure that their search engines are as inherently usable and up-to-date as possible. That means mobile browsing, voice recognition, and in the future, probably virtual reality.

Google will prioritise sites that have proper responsive design, giving web design companies a very definite ranking motive when it comes to responsively designing their websites.

Professional and Future Facing

The fact is that having a website that barely works on a large percentage of the devices perusing it looks unprofessional, dated and incompetent. It sends out the wrong signal completely, and it communicates that that business isn’t prioritising even current technology, let alone keeping an ear to the ground for future innovations.

In short, it really doesn’t look good. A stylish, effective website design is one thing, but it doesn’t matter how good it looks on a monitor if it’s alienating all your mobile visitors.

So is it More Important than Desktop-Centric Design?

Is mobile design more important? Maybe a little, but it really pays to have a website that covers both. It doesn’t really have to be a choice when you’ve got a skilled website designer, but the priority and focus should definitely sit a little heavier on responsive design.

It depends on your industry and demographic too, for anything aimed at younger, casual browsers, mobile design is an absolute must, for more niche or technical examples, maybe it’s slightly less of a priority. Either way, smartphones have taken over; the machines have won, and everyone needs to get with the times eventually.