5 Pitfalls Your Mobile Web Developer Should Avoid

20th December 2021


When it comes to building a great mobile web design, there are some major pitfalls out there your mobile web developer needs to avoid. Here are five of the most erroneous, dating and limiting things to watch for in your mobile web design.

Having a Great Mobile Web Developer Will Set You Ahead

When it comes to thriving as an online business, there’s little quite so important as mobile accessibility. With a huge percentage of online browsing done on mobile devices, making sure your website is completely functional, accessible and up to date has never been more important. What’s more, making sure your site is completely responsively designed will have a number of other benefits, from making it easier to adapt to new technologies to aiding SEO optimisation.

Glaring Stock Photos

The first major pitfall everyone needs to be watching out for; obvious stock photos. We know, stock photos have their place, especially when it comes to initially getting a website looking good. However, when they’re literally everywhere, and painfully obvious, this becomes a glaring issue for mobile web design. Make sure your stock photos are tasteful and subtle!

Prioritise Speed and Functionality

Big spectacular images and videos can look fantastic, but when it comes to mobile web design, page speed and functionality is much, much more important. There’s no getting around this, functionality has to come first, and on mobiles, where users are frequently using slower 3G speeds, this is hugely important.

Excessive Video and HD Images

Again, maybe your mobile web developer can work one video background or several HD images in, but when it becomes constant throughout the site, starting to limit things and slow everything down, it becomes a big problem. Make sure you’re being selective when it comes to the scale and resolution of the content on your site. Not just because it’ll slow everything down, but you also don’t want to be overwhelming your visitors, keep their focus on the parts that matter.

Don’t Let Your Mobiel Web Developer Use Endless Pop-Ups

Maybe one pop-up is acceptable, try and get your visitors emails for your mailing list, however, don’t forget the cookies pop-up that comes after that. Then another pop-up asking about some new deal you’ve got on. Oops, that visitor has bounced away. These kinds of pestering pop-ups are annoying on an actual desktop, but your mobile web developer should know better. Make sure you don’t have too many aggressive pop-ups pestering your potential customers.

Responsive Design is the Way Forward

In years gone by, many websites would utilise multiple websites for their mobile and desktop sites, which is very limiting, and there were plenty of other forms of mobile web design that would set sites back. Nowadays, there’s only one real choice for a site looking to perform on both mobile and other devices; responsive design. You want a site that takes the device into account. Not only is this great for mobile web design, but it also sets you ahead in general. Especially when it comes to SEO optimisation and adapting to other new technologies, such as new devices or VR browsing.