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Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

smartphoneIn this day and age, with the increasing number of people accessing the internet on their mobile phones for various different reasons, it is important to make your website suitable for these devices. Users need to be able to log on, without it slowing down their phone or taking ages to load.

Internet on mobile phones can be a lot slower than on desktop or laptop computers, so it is ideal to have a mobile-friendly version of your website for these types of users to be able to access it whilst out and about.  There are various ways to tweak your web design in order to help with this.  By reducing the use of large, high quality images, videos and other Flash-based designs, it will help the website download a lot quicker on a mobile phone and be easier to navigate around.

If your website has an e-commerce facility, and sells various products to the public, then you need to consider whether you would like to make this accessible to mobile phone users.  They can then enter their details safely and securely from their portable device, in order to make a transaction or purchase.

The key of a mobile-friendly website is to make it simple.  Do not overload it with so much information that the user is overwhelmed by it all and unable to find what they want on such a small screen.  Images are important to make the site attractive and pull customers towards it, but this should be kept to a minimum so that it does not slow down the loading time of the web pages.  If this happens, then the user may decide to terminate the web browsing session of your website.