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What Should You Look for in an E-Commerce Website Designer?

Investing in a new website design is always a big decision. It’s one of the few occasions in the life of a business when you radically overhaul the way that you present yourself to customers, clients and competitors. For this reason, developing a new website can feel like a very vulnerable process, but also an exciting one as you look forwards to seeing the finished product and sharing it with your audience.

A new website is such an important asset because it will have a big impact on the future success of your business. Whilst this is true for all businesses, it is perhaps most pertinent for E-Commerce businesses. This is because an E-Commerce website does not simply provide a signpost to your business; it is the place where business takes place. Your turnover, sales and ultimately profits are all completely dependent upon the quality of your website. It’s therefore absolutely crucial that you get the right website for your business.

Unsurprisingly, the quality of your E-Commerce website will be very much dependent upon your E-Commerce website designer. There are various additional skills and abilities which an E-Commerce web designer will need in order to design, build and maintain a successful online store.

What Should You Look for in an E-Commerce Website Designer?

One of the most important things to look for in an E-Commerce website designer is commercial acumen. This is typically acquired with experience, but essentially you want a web designer whose design work is not detached from commercial reality. You need a designer who completely understands your business, knows that challenges that you’re facing and is able to help deliver creative solutions to the problems that you face. They will understand that the quality of your E-Commerce website is key, not just from a design perspective, but ultimately from a revenue perspective.

Another necessary characteristic in a successful E-Commerce website designer is technical ability. E-Commerce businesses rise and fall on the smallest of margins, and it’s essential that your developer is able to keep you ahead of the competition in this regard. Factors such as website speed, navigation, checkout processes and cross-selling will all have a big impact on the success of your business. We know from experience that the way that you build your online store will directly impact upon your conversion rate. An excellent E-Commerce website designer might just help you to get your conversion rate from 2% to 4%, which even in a small to medium sized business will, over the course of 3-5 years, have the potential to be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Finally, you should be looking for an E-Commerce website designer that you will enjoy working with in the long-term. Online stores often require maintenance and improvements to keep them operating at full potential. By finding an E-Commerce website designer that you trust, respect and who is completely committed to helping you succeed you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.