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Mobile App Development in Post-Lockdown Hospitality

As pubs, bars and restaurants start to re-open, we’re seeing more and more mobile app development solutions to the problems of trying to keep intoxicated people apart from one another.

Intoxicated social distancing is always going to be a fun problem to try and solve. But with technology, mobile applications and the like, we’ll be able to create solutions that keep people safe whilst allowing businesses to re-open.

The Re-Opening of Pubs and Bars – What it Means

In the past week, we’ve seen the re-opening of many public spaces, namely pubs, bars and restaurants, albeit with some new restrictions intended to increase social distancing, crowding and preventing the further spread of COVID-19. This might seem like an impossible task. Aiming to keep intoxicated people away from one another is a difficult job at best, as many bouncers will attest.

With the hospitality industry suffering through lockdown, mobile app development solutions have to be found. The fact remains, people are always going to want to head out, socialise and drink, so how can we make this as safe as possible?

The Role of Apps and Tech

There’s already many existing technologies and applications that can be used to massively lower the risk and increase social distancing. From simply putting seating outside to lowering overall venue capacity. There are some basic things that can be easily done. But we can do more and go further with technology and mobile app development.

And we already have most of the tech and apps that we need. For example, thermal imaging has been available for a very long time. Allowing an app to quickly and easily determine if someone is running a fever. Wetherspoons have been running apps that allow patrons to order from their phone already. As well as booking apps being commonplace.

The technology is absolutely already there for mobile app development. It’s a case of making sure that pubs, bars and restaurants utilise this tech. Especially in the form of suitable applications to make sure that their establishment is as safe as possible.

Predictably, there’s going to be a glut of software developers creating new software. All racing to create quick solutions. With the technology already there, it’s not going to be too difficult a task.

Data is Vital to Mobile App Development

One hugely useful element that we can use to determine risk in public spaces is data. We’ve got years’ worth of data when it comes to determining when places will be busy or quiet.

Google already provides information on when venues are meant to be at their busiest and least busy. This kind of information is going to prove invaluable to mobile app development. Especially when it comes to predicting customer behaviour and keeping places safe and socially distanced.