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It’s Not Too Late to Start Using Social Media for Business!

social media for business

If you’re involved with running a business and haven’t yet started using social media, you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s too late to start now.

It can be very intimidating when you look at how other brands have used social media to grow their business. It’s now 2014, which means that social media has been widely adopted for almost a decade, and the concept of social media for business is at least 5 years old. If you’re still not using social media – and your competitors have hundreds/thousands of followers and multiple social media accounts on the go – you might feel as though it’s too late to start now.

However, we’d encourage you to press on through and do it anyway: it’s not too late to start using social media for business!

The use of social media can bring a sense of fear, inadequacy and insecurity to even the most hardened of business people. This stems from a variety of reasons, including the fear of saying the wrong thing, inadvertently weakening your brand by only have a few followers or, perhaps worst of all, simply being regarded as irrelevant.

There are several things that you can start doing right away that will help to overcome this fear and put you on the path to social media success.

Do Your Research

Instead of being intimidated by your competitors, why not try and imitate their success? By looking at the different social media platforms that they are using, and working out how they do it (frequency, tone, variety, images, links, industry news etc) you’ll start to paint a picture of what you’d like to achieve through social media.

Another advantage of arriving on the social media scene a little later is that others have already made mistakes on your behalf. There are a wealth of social media for business resources and guides that will walk you through the basics and protect you from getting it wrong.

Engage Your Customers

A pitfall that too many businesses fall into is thinking that social media is all about broadcasting. The reality is that it’s called social for a reason; it’s about two-way communication and conversation.

Once you’ve set up a couple of social media channels, start by engaging your existing users and customers. Invite them to check out your page. Send out a newsletter letting them know that you’d love to hear from them – perhaps with a prize draw that they need to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you to enter.

Have a go!

Above all, try and embrace social media for business fearlessly. It’s meant to be fun, engaging and fresh. Try and let your sense of humour shine through; your customers will like and respect you for it.

It’s also worth saying that you shouldn’t be afraid to improvise, particularly as you have a wealth of options to choose from. Whilst Facebook and Twitter are the best-known platforms, you might like to start out using Google+ and Instagram, for example. This combination will help your SEO rankings and show your audience that you’re up-to-speed with the latest social media trends. It will also show that you’re not simply following the crowd, but willing to pick-and-choose in order to make social media work for you.

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