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It’s 2013… Why Would I Want to Hire a Web Designer? (part 2 of 2)

In Monday’s article we shared 3 reasons why designing your own website isn’t necessarily as good a web design solution as it might sound.

Here are 5 more areas to consider:

4. E-Commerce

For many businesses, having an online retail presence is essential. This means that their website design must include the capacity to advertise and sell their products, as well as manage stock control. Whilst this is by no means impossible with an out-of-the-box website design, there are a number of hidden pitfalls to be avoided.

E-Commerce is a highly-competitive market. It’s also a hugely sensitive one – if a customer is going to be entering their personal banking details and choosing your product rather than your competitors’, it’s vital that your web design inspires trust. This means that there is no margin for error!

A web designer will not only ensure that your E-Commerce site looks the part (and is integrated with your web design and branding) but will ensure that it continues to work flawlessly and help you continue to update and develop this part of your website.

5. Experience

The experience that a web designer brings to the table is enormously valuable. It’s experience that enables them to determine exactly what you’re looking for, and pre-emptively answer any questions or concerns that you might have. They’ll know what will and won’t work, present you with a range of possible website design solutions and talk you through the various options in front of you.

Furthermore, having worked with a wide range of clients in different sectors, an experienced website designer will bring a wealth of ideas and knowledge to your project. They’ll know what your website needs, and what it doesn’t.

6. Future-Proofing

This is an essential, often overlooked component of website design. Whilst a build-it-yourself web design might look clean, functional and suitable for your business, there is a danger that it will soon look tired and dated. It will be difficult to move with web design technology and trends change because you’ll be tied in to a very limited content management system.

In 2013, innovative web design is all about HTML5, responsive design and high-resolution design. Not only is a DIY web design unlikely to include these features, but it will give you no room to continue developing your website in the coming years as the needs and scale of your business grow.

7. Functionality

A skilled web designer will help you develop a web design solution which both looks good and performs well. In today’s highly competitive marketplace you simply cannot have one at the expense of the other. Hiring a website designer will help you build a website which is highly functional and clearly laid out and helpful for every site visitor, whether they’re arriving at your homepage or another part of site through a social media link or search engine.

8. Support

Finally, when you employ a web design company you have the reassurance that if anything were to go wrong, they are able to help solve your problems for you. Whether it’s a broken link, problem with your server or simply helping you develop a complex component of your website, the ongoing relationship and support that a web designer brings are invaluable.