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It’s 2013… Why Would I Want to Hire a Web Designer? (part 1 of 2)

How you would respond to the following statement:

“It’s 2013, we are the internet generation and there are more design-and-build-your-own-website packages than ever before. Why would I want to hire a web designer?”

It’s clearly a powerful argument. In response to the growing need for website design packages it has become easier than ever to register your own domain, download a simple bit of web design software and produce your own homemade website.

However, this begs an important question: Is it really that simple? Can I really bypass the professionals and end up with the same result? Have web designers made themselves redundant?

We believe that the answer is clearly a resounding ‘no’, but logic dictates that a sound argument needs to be defeated with a better one. Many clients have come to us after experiencing disappointment with their low-quality website design package, and we’re keen to help prevent others from making the same mistakes. In this blog post (and part 2, to be published on Friday) we’ll be sharing 8 compelling reasons why building your own website is not the web design solution that it’s cracked up to be…

1. Web Design Expertise

If your company needs a fresh web design, it can be tempting to try and do it in-house. However, in reality this means that one of your team is going to be responsible for building your company’s website. This might mean asking one of your Sales, Accounts or Administration team to undertake a vital task which is outside of their expertise.

Employing a professional web design agency, by contrast, allows you to tap into a wealth of expertise. Within the website design process we often involve designers, developers, content writers and SEO experts, not to mention a highly skilled project manager to oversee the process. We’re not satisfied with mediocre results, particularly when our clients’ reputations and business growth are on the line.

It’s also worth being aware that building a website in-house might appear to be a ‘free’ option, but in reality you are employing a member of staff to do the work, and one without the expertise for the task. Not only is the final web design likely to be disappointing, but the process will probably take much longer than planned and ultimately cost your business at least as much as employing the professionals!

2. Branding & Web Design

It’s vital that your website design clearly communicates your branding and vision. This is very hard to achieve with ‘out-of-the-box’ packages, which are often formulaic and make it difficult to achieve the visual result that you are looking for.

If you’re looking to sharpen up your branding and integrate this with your updated web design, DIY website design is probably only going to result in frustration and disappointment. By contrast, web design professionals are highly skilled at taking your vision for your business and creating a brand identity that communicates this in an effective and visually pleasing way.

3. SEO & Social Media

It’s very important that you don’t see your website design in isolation. It’s more important than ever that you build an active audience by engaging with social media and devising an effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy. This enables you to increase the number of potential customers visiting your website, and ultimately is a key tool in growing your business.

However, whilst building your own website might seem as simple as setting up a Facebook page, it can actually be an extremely limited solution. Not only will a website designer help you to develop a website which is effectively Search Engine Optimised, but they have the skills to help you with developing a social media & SEO strategy which will enable you to identify and reach a growing audience. We’ve got more information about SEO solutions on our website.

We’ll be sharing 5 more reasons on Friday. If you can’t wait that long, why not visit our website to find out more about our web design agency.