Is Your Website Killing Your Business?

19th December 2012


Human nature is a funny old thing. We can quickly acclimatise to our surroundings, to the extent that familiarity can blind us to the reality of a situation. We might have thought that our house was well-decorated, light and airy, but a visit to a friend’s home can quickly suggest that we’ve been somewhat wide of the mark.

The same principle can apply when we think about a website. If we use it frequently and spend time updating its content then it might be that we become unaware of the site’s shortcomings. A dirty carpet or an outdated website design; it can be hard to remain objective about something when we encounter it on a daily basis.

At a time when our concentration spans are shorter than ever, the first impression that a web design gives is absolutely vital. Sites that take too long to load can cause immediate frustration for a visitor. If your content is in the wrong place, or your website is difficult to navigate then the same result is likely. Given that we spend the majority of our time viewing content on sites that are rapid, reliable and really easy to use, it’s crucial that your website doesn’t fall down the pecking order in this key area…

We’ve recently read a survey in which 72% of people said that they have left a website and used another because their viewing experience was so poor. This really isn’t surprising. If your business has an E-Commerce arm, this is particularly important; you have to give potential customers a good reason to trust you, especially as you are expecting them to part with their hard-earned cash. With competition higher than ever, you need to give them a reason to choose your company.

Web design is often intrinsically linked with trust. If the best websites in the world are also those that look good, are easy to navigate and function well, then a website design that does not do these things is likely to immediately repel a visitor. To make matters worse, if your competitors have a site which gives a better first impression then it is more likely than not that your potential customers will instead choose to give their business to your rivals.

It might be worth evaluating the statistics behind your website to see what exactly is happening when visitors arrive for the first time. A package like Google’s Analytics will help you do exactly this. This will help you to work out where your visitors are arriving on the website. It will also helps you work out where they are most likely to leave. Working hard to ensure that these pages are particularly helpful for a first-time visitor is a great investment of your time and energy.

It might simply be that your web design is out-of-date, slow or inappropriate for your target audience. If this is the case, you might want to consider approaching a web design company to explore the possibility of having a new website design put together for you. At VizionOnline we have worked with some of our clients for many years, and have subsequently designed new sites for them as their business has grown and diversified. Web design is all about keeping pace with change, knowing your audience and potential customers, and ultimately ensuring that you are better positioned than your competitors.

Why not take a moment this Christmas to look at your website as objectively as possible. It might just be the best business decision that you’ve made this year…