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Is Your Website Design Company Future-Proofing Your WordPress Site? | VizionOnline

When it comes to producing a powerful, dynamic and successful business website, you need to make sure your website design company are on trend, technically skilled, and fully understand your business. Most of all, however, they need to create a site that’s future facing.
The fact is, the whole world moves at such a fast pace nowadays. New technologies render whole industries obsolete overnight, and birth dozens of new business areas.
Fifty years ago, an industry leading business could expect to retain their position and dominance for decades. Nowadays, a company of similar stature on average only holds that position for five years or less.
There’s only one way to survive as a business in this kind of environment, and that’s adaptability and future-proofing. You need to be constantly evaluating and utilising new technologies. That’s never more necessary than when constructing a new website.

Look at Mobiles

Probably the biggest shift of the last ten years, mobile phones have become completely ubiquitous, and they’ve almost fully taken over from desktops as the number one way to browse.
As such, there’s no way any business can be without a fully mobile optimised website. It’s just not possible to succeed anymore without fully catering to the way most people are browsing nowadays.
And that’s at a minimum. Most of the bigger retailers and businesses online offer a mobile app as well as website, all in the spirit of reaching out to those mobile users.
Fortunately, WordPress is an ideal platform when it comes to responsive website design and optimisation. It all comes down to making sure that your website design company is prioritising it.

VR and AR

Earlier this year, Mozilla released the first ever virtual reality browser. Now we’re not saying that it’s time to up sticks and optimise everything for virtual and augmented reality, but the fact is that these are just one of the many technologies on the horizon that stand to disrupt website design companies and many other industries.
It all comes down to building a site that uses the latest techniques, technology, and software, and paying attention to what’s on the horizon. That’s the only way to create an adaptable, future-facing website.

Have That Conversation with Your Website Design Company

Businesses having a website built need to know that it’s going to be exactly what they need. Not for a month or a year, but for years to come. It needs to have you covered in the face of new technologies.
That means you need to be having that conversation with your website design company, and talking about what you can be doing to make sure that your site is as future-proof as it can be.

To have that conversation with us, and see what we can build for your business, get in touch with us at info@viziononline.co.uk, or give us a call on +44 (0) 203 793 0306.