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Is your branding letting you down?

“Branded” by Jeffrey Zeldman is licensed under CC BY 2.0

First impressions about your business are often created through your branding, so it is worth focusing on this aspect to ensure that your image and reputation come across in a positive light. Here are some pointers that could suggest your branding is letting your business down.

Out of date

If your branding has stayed still over the years whilst your business has grown and changed, your branding may no longer reflect who you now are as a company. Out of date branding will make it harder for you to get across your current messages and the image you would like to portray, whilst giving the impression you’re stuck in the past.


Your branding should make you stand out from the crowd, so that you have a unique identity, even if you operate in a saturated market. You don’t need huge budgets to be original, but it helps if you spend time thinking about your branding strategies. Consult website designers to help with your branding, rather than trying to create it yourself.


Branding is far more than just the colours of your logo or how your website is designed. It’s how you come across to your customers, and this covers all aspects of communication, from marketing materials to how you use social media. Make sure that your branding makes you look professional and not amateurish. Choice of words, colours, typography and graphics can influence first impressions, and issues such as poor grammar, spelling mistakes and over use of exclamation marks can all create an unprofessional image. Seasoned website designers can ensure that these vital aspects of your branding are not letting you down.

No consistency

Even with the best designed logo or website, if you aren’t consistent with your branding across all platforms it could let you down. Mixed messages will obscure the image you’re trying to create and effectively make your branding efforts worthless. Make sure that everyone in your company understands your branding and that it is applied in the same way with every form of communication.

Tainted image

If your reputation has been tainted by negative publicity, your existing branding may be failing to help restore your image. It may be necessary to undertake re-branding in order to commit to restoring consumer faith in you again. Make sure you address the issues that may have blighted your image.