Is web design art?

27th April 2012


Many web design experts are often expected to justify their work as “art” as many people do not consider it to be an art form, although there are many crossovers. The creative process of web design is based on the same principles of art that are taught in schools and colleges. Web design can be considered to be just a different (and new!) form of art rather than the traditional types of art that we may be used to.

If somebody chooses to critique a website they are just giving an evaluation that is very impersonal. The web designer can simply accept the point of view or ignore it as there are not really any right or wrong answers. However, a web designer needs to accept comments from the client who is commissioning the site. A good web designer will also understand the concept of “artistic distance,” which is just the ability to step back and assess the work that they have done from the viewpoint of another person who has not done that work, so that they can see what others will see when they first look at the site.

Many people see art and design as two different things although they do have a common purpose. It is considered that a designer aims to communicate information that already exists with his/her designs, rather than creating something unique, which is what an artist does.

However, many web design professionals will consider that each webpage created is something unique as no client will want a webpage that resembles that of another company; this is the point where art meets web design. With a webpage, the message that is being communicated should be understood by all viewers in the same way, although a painting may be interpreted differently by different people.