Is it Possible to Create a Perfect Social Media Post?

4th February 2015


Perfect Social Media Post

A few weeks ago we asked “what’s the best time to post on social media?” We concluded, unsurprisingly, that there are certain times of day when businesses receive much higher interaction with their social media posts. These tend to be the times when people are most likely to check in on social media – usually mid-morning, lunchtime, mid-afternoon and early evening. If there’s such a thing as a best time time to post on social media, you might be wondering if it’s possible to create a perfect social media post?

Step 1: Define the Perfect Social Media Post

To answer this question we need to dig a little deeper into how we would define the perfect social media post. Most businesses agree that using social media is a great way to connect with their customers and market their business. We’d say that the biggest frustrations that businesses experience when using social media is a lack of engagement. This is typically because they don’t have many followers, or because the content that they produce and share doesn’t seem to be reaching very many people.

With this in mind, the perfect social media post would achieve a range of goals. It would encourage a high percentage of people to view it and click through to any links it provides. It would have a positive impact on its readers, who then go on to view more of your content, website etc. Finally, the perfect social media post would compel users to like, share and comment on it. In other words, it would create the highest possible engagement with your existing audience and help to connect with new customers.

Step 2: Gradually Improve Your Content Until You Have the Perfect Social Media Post

It can be tempting to look at businesses who use social media successfully and despair. After all, surely it’s a lot easier to engage with users if you’re a global brand. Sometimes we can try and mimic what leading brands do and find that it’s simply not going to work for our business. It can be tempting to give up at that point and revert to the occasional news update.

However, we think that the perfect social media post is more achievable than you might think. Why? Because the perfect social media post for your company will be completely unique – and, best of all, only you will be capable of producing it.

This is because you already know who your customers are. The hardest step is working out what they’re going to be engaged by and creating content that achieves this goal.

We achieve this by developing a social media strategy that identifies your customers and sets out potential ways to engage with them. We can then monitor a range of metrics, including engagement, views and conversion rates to see what’s working. By creating an iterative process we can apply the knowledge that we’re developing and improve the strategy one step at a time.

We believe that it’s possible to create the perfect social media post and that it is within the grasp of every business. Next week we’ll be looking at a number of steps that you can take to help you produce the perfect social media post.