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iPad Mini Launch?

After weeks of speculation and leaked photos it is now looking like a very real possibility that Apple will be officially launching the iPad mini tomorrow (Tuesday). With tablet sales on the rise and more people than ever before using tablets to download books, browse the internet and do their shopping through ecommerce sites it would seem to be a timely arrival. However, with so many tablets available on the market, and none more popular than the iPad itself, what exactly can we expect from this new product?

We’re expecting a 7-inch screen, pitching the iPad mini in direct competition with Google’s new Nexus 7 and the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7. One of the driving factors in the huge success of the Kindle range is the simplicity and portability of the device, as easy to carry around as the latest paperback, but boasting an increasingly powerful range of capabilities. Apple already have the iPad and the iPod Touch, but nothing in this intermediate range that could directly challenge the 7-inch market. In all likelihood the iPad Mini will be priced accordingly, and whilst it might not boast some of the features that its big brother boasts (retina display, for example) it will clearly still pack quite a punch.

What is clear is that tablets are changing the way that web designers think about our trade. A few years ago a web page was exactly that – one page that almost all viewers would view on a desktop PC or laptop. Today a web page needs to be compatible with larger screens than ever before – with many new Smart TVs capable of browsing the internet – as well as for the growing range of tablets that consumers are using. If you’re using a Kindle Fire or an iPad Mini then your web browsing experience will be very different – you’ll want to see pages that aren’t reliant upon mouse-overs, with large, clear buttons and important content at the top of a page. We’re passionate about building simple, beautiful websites that function well however and wherever you’re viewing them. This Christmas we’re sure that many people will be unwrapping tablet devices – from young children to the older generations – and it’s our responsibility as website designers to make sure that their browsing experience is a quality one!

Whether or not Apple announce the release of an iPad Mini tomorrow, we’re sure that tablets will continue to make their mark on the technology sector, revolutinising that way that we receive and share information. It’s our goal to be web designers who position ourselves right at the cutting edge of this fast paced industry. If you’re looking for a web design company in London to help you with your website or web design project then we would love to hear from you.