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Interactive Web Design for Filmmakers

There is a new software tool on the market by Mozilla, which uses HTML5 to enhance videos, making them more interactive. Where art meets web design, this is ideal for filmmakers posting their own material online. Popcorn,js, an HTML5 Media Framework, combines the videos with creative web design techniques to improve viewing for users. It is very simple and easy to use, so it is ideal for beginners.

Popcorn can add clickable footnotes to the videos so that the user can click on them to find out more information. It makes it more interesting and interactive for the user, while adding another dimension to the video to make it different from the others. Youtube already includes clickable links into their videos, which users can add when they upload them. For example, this is ideal if a singer is promoting their music, as they can add an iTunes link to the song they are performing in the video. This is likely to boost sales.

It is a good idea to make online videos interactive, as it is likely to attract more people to view them. In today’s modern world many people watch online content, whether amateur user uploaded clips or professional videos. Many journalists, make up artists and singers are starting up their own online video blogs, also known as vlogs, which are simply their own online television channels where they can upload content for their subscribers to view. More and more people own HD cameras too, some of which are even integrated into mobile phones, so it has become more relevant to enhance online videos as competition in the industry has risen.