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Boost Your Site Performance 5: Innovative Branding, SEO and Social Media

In this week’s blog post of our complete guide to boosting your business’s online performance, we’re talking about the importance of solid innovative branding, SEO and social media. Read last week’s blog here!

This powerful triumvirate of digital success stands as a tripod, supporting your businesses image, presence, visibility and professionality, ushering in fresh traffic while honing customer loyalty. In short, all three are a vital part of a thriving online business, and each one supports the next.

Innovative Branding Streamlines Your Business’s Image

Branding is the neat bow that ties together all the ideas, pieces and stylings of your business. It’s the collective identity that you present to the internet and the world. Without solid branding, people will never instinctively recognise your business. As a result, you can’t hope to foster steady customer loyalty. As well as that, you can’t hope to make the most of your SEO and social media.

In effect, your website is your billboard, your business card, your shopfront, and a thousand other roles to your business. You cannot afford to have it not matching under the same banner. Enter, Innovative Branding.

Beyond getting the perfect branding created for your business, you simply need to be making sure that everything posted across your business sticks to the same guidelines, logo placement, colour choices, attitudes and tone. You know your business better than anybody.

Without SEO, Your Site Will Fall Behind

It really doesn’t matter how great your website is if no one ever sees it. This is a sad reality for many businesses online. Spending thousands on a quality website but failing to see the importance of SEO and innovative branding. SEO is key.

There are many avenues through which websites can pursue SEO optimisation. From technical optimisation of the website to regular blog posts to proper, complete social media posting and campaigns, there is lots you can be doing to make sure that your SEO is working for you. Therefore, content marketing combines extremely effectively with PPC campaigns to produce both immediate and lasting results. You should reinforce these results by ensuring that your website’s content is thoroughly optimised, and content is posted extremely regularly and everything is done consistently. On top of innovative branding, this is key.

Social Media Supports Everything Else

Lastly, social media. Your social media pages are a necessity for communicating directly with your audience and customer base. Not only that, but they’re also a solid vehicle for both refining your business’s branding and presenting SEO posts and links. On top of that, you can help to foster a steady flow of traffic to your website through your social media.

Social media all comes down to consistency. Therefore regular posts, consistent branding, regular replies and comments, consistent effort, across the board is necessary. This is how you can support your website, innovative branding and SEO through social media.