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How Important is Website Traffic?

In the web design industry we spend a lot of time talking about the importance of website traffic. We discuss strategies for increasing traffic. We go to great lengths to build, develop and populate websites in a way which will help to maximise the traffic that the website will generate. We implement search engine optimisation strategies with the sole purpose of directing more visitors to a particular website. Without a solid understanding of the importance of website traffic these activities might seem a little strange. In this short article we’ll be asking “how important is website traffic?”

How Important is Website Traffic?

The first point to make is that website traffic is inherently important. It will have a significant impact on the success of your website – and, therefore, the potential success of your business.

Why is this? Well, there are a number of reasons why website traffic is so important. The general principle is that if more people visit your website then it is going to have a greater audience and ultimately a greater impact. Generally speaking, if more people are visiting your website then more people are going to be converted into customers/subscribers/clients. Whilst this is not guaranteed, you’re far more likely to be successful online if you have higher volumes of website traffic.

However, anybody who has spent any amount of time in Google Analytics will know two important caveats to the principle that more website traffic is better. Firstly, there is no guarantee that higher volumes of website traffic will make any difference to the online success of your business if that traffic is irrelevant to your business. Secondly, businesses with small volumes of traffic can be very successful if a high percentage of users are engaging with your content and responding to your calls to action.

This principle can be illustrated very easily. A business which generates 1,000 hits/month and has a conversion rate of 10% is going to win 100 customers a month; a business with a conversion rate of 0.1% will need to drive 100,000 visitors through its website to have the same result.

We very quickly arrive at the conclusion that website traffic is very important, but that we need both quality and quantity in order to build a successful business online. The quality of traffic is important because we want to connect with people who are actively looking for a product or service that we offer. The quantity of traffic is important because connecting with more people will almost inevitably result in an increase in business.

How Concerned Should I be about Website Traffic?

Website traffic is incredibly important, but we need to think in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Too often we’re only interested in the number of visitors/pageviews that a website is generating. By considering other aspects to website traffic such as conversion rate and monthly revenues we achieve a better perspective that increases the likelihood of a business succeeding online.