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How Important is Web Design for E-Commerce?

When it comes to building a successful e-commerce business, few things are quite so important as a skilled, modern website designer.

The website is essentially the shopfront of your business, demonstrating to customers and visitors your value as a service and store.

It communicates your businesses competency, quality, how up-to-date and current you are. Without a quality website showing the world how useful, trendy and outstanding your business is, it’s impossible to get ahead of all the other e-commerce businesses competing in the marketplace.

Customers, like children, are much smarter than generally given credit for. They will pick up on a dated website. They will notice a site with bad navigation, or an ugly colour scheme. They’ll definitely notice if you’re not mobile friendly. And then they’ll factor all that into their buying decisions.

That’s why skilled web design is crucial to e-commerce. You need a website designer that fully understands the industry and the problems and challenges that come with it.

First Impression is Everything

One of the most vital elements of good web design is that all important first impression. It really doesn’t matter if your prices are vastly better than anyone else’s, or if you sell a better product because if the visitor has already bounced away, they’re never going to find out about those positive things.

You need a site that is at once engaging, enjoyable and easy to peruse while garnering trust. That sounds like a tall order, but a great website design company can do all that and more.

All it takes is a modern, skilled web design service that fully understands your business and your customers, combined with an eye on modern website design and your competitors.

Branding Throughout

You’ll notice when looking at some of the best e-commerce sites out there that one thing they all have in common is consistent and regular branding throughout their website.

This is important for a bunch of reasons. You’re building brand recognition and trust, on top of simply making your website look and feel more professional.

It ties the positive buying experience with your brand in the customer’s mind. In short, branding and brand identity is pretty powerful.

Standing Out is Crucial

At the end of the day, what it all comes down to in any e-commerce business is standing out from the crowd. It’s never been easier to start an e-commerce business, which is great for the consumer, less so for the competitor.

You need to use everything in your arsenal to get ahead of the competition. That means an amazing website designer, top-notch digital marketing, and solid branding.

Without a combined, collective approach, you risk getting lost in the crowd, and a quality website designer is always going to be the best place to start.

If you’re wanting to get started conquering the e-commerce marketplace, get in touch with us at info@viziononline.co.uk, or give us a call on +44 (0) 203 793 0306.