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The Importance of Ongoing SEO to Your Site

We’ve all heard of search engine optimisation, but too few businesses realise its full potential, which is a real problem when it comes to staying on top of your game in an increasingly crowded and competitive online space.

Over the last few years, more and more entrepreneurs have flocked to the net, where it’s never been easier to start up a business. That’s been great for a number of techie industries, but for the online businesses themselves, it’s only made for greater competition. That’s why quality digital marketing is always going to be an absolute must.

The usual trajectory is this; business gets website created, website has SEO built into it, business makes use of certain SEO techniques for a while. Then they stop, and inevitably fall from that coveted first spot on the Google search result page. That’s exactly what you want, and it’s why ongoing SEO is so important.

Why is SEO Crucial?

Firstly, why exactly do you need SEO? Shouldn’t having a great website be enough? Nope. Here’s why. SEO isn’t a magic trick. It’s not a couple of clever technical tweaks and away you go. It’s subtly modifying the way your website appears to search engine crawlers, making it look authoritative, respected and valuable, in order to boost your ranking.

Ranking is everything. An absolutely tiny percentage of searchers go beyond the first page, and most don’t even go all the way down the first page. That’s why ranking highly is absolutely crucial for a business.

As a business, if you’ve just spent a lot of cash having a sleek and modern website built, you do not want it sitting all the way down at the bottom of search result page number 8. If you’re not on page number one, spot number one, you’re nowhere. You need those visitors and that digital footfall.

First, a Solid Set-Up

Before you start talking about the power of ongoing SEO, you first need a website that’s as optimised and well set-up as can be. That means you need a website designer who understands more than simply making a pretty website, and knows how deep into the subtext and details SEO needs to go.

For the most part, web designers and web design companies are pretty good at combining the two disciplines of website creation and SEO, just don’t fall foul of a website design company who firmly doesn’t know what they’re doing when it comes to SEO. Search engine optimisation needs to be built in and set up at the basic level of a website to truly excel.

Ongoing SEO is a Golden Ticket

Once your glorious website is as optimised as it can be, you’re good to go, and, with a bit of preliminary SEO, you should rank well. Beyond this is where most businesses go wrong. What you need to be doing is keeping at the SEO. Dialling it back from the initial intensity, but keeping it going with a steady plan.

That’s the only way to retain that number one spot, or keep raising brand awareness and online visibility. I’m talking things like regular quality content creation, and good social media content, all SEO and keyword smart. All you need is a plan, and some consistency to stay at the top of your game.