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Ill get one website to go please

Web design for mobile devices is certainly keeping web designers on their toes. Not only do mobiles vary greatly in size (take a look at the image below) but their browser abilities vary wildly too. Take the iPhone for instance. It has fully functional browsers, whereas certain popular Nokia models do not.

As you can imagine this makes mobile web design quite tricky, and with more of us accessing the internet from mobile devices than conventional desktop computer systems, website designers have certainly got their jobs cut out – especially if we listen to world expert in user-friendly design, Jakob Nielsen.

In a recent blog, Nielsen stated that when reading from an iPhone-sized screen, comprehension scores for complex web content were 48% of desktop monitor scores.

Several factors are at play here, according to Nielsen, including slower downloads, the lack of a keyboard or mouse for data entry or to issue commands and the small screen (and text).

So it may be a while before we ditch our traditional computers completely, especially in terms of business. After all, who would want their staff to be 48% less effective?!

But with both access to 3G and Wifi improving, we predict the mobile market with continue to grow and grow. And with mobile-optimized video streams and improved content formatting, mobile web design is getting better and better.