If you could speed date a new web designer

16th November 2015


Choosing a new web design

Image credit:By Chasing Daisy under CC BY 2.0

While all the youngsters are finding love on Tinder, speed dating is still a popular pursuit for those who prefer to meet prospective partners face to face, rather than engaging with them in the impersonal medium of mobile-based instant messaging.
In fact in many ways the process of picking out web designers to work with your business can be a lot like speed dating. You will have plenty of questions to ask and not a lot of time to ask them, while those who are sitting on the other side of the figurative table will all be doing their best to impress.

So if you had just two minutes to talk to web designers and make a decision on which one to work with, what are the best kinds of questions to ask and what qualities will mark out the best candidates?

What experience do you have?

Dealing with experienced site designers is essential, since the ideal candidates will have a proven track record of working with clients and delivering results. While going with a fledgling operator may seem to be the most affordable option, the reality is that those with the right qualifications and credentials will generally represent a far better investment in the long term.

How are costs calculated?

Money will be on your mind when considering which web design route to take, so ask candidates how much they will charge and whether fees are levied for a full site package; on an hourly basis; or according to the number of pages being created.

Can you make mobile-friendly sites?

A site which is not optimised for smartphone and tablet access is a nightmare both in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation) and CRO (conversion rate optimisation). So checking that a designer can build a responsive or adaptive site that ushers in mobile users and appeases the search algorithms is imperative.

Can you help to achieve our goals?

You may have a number of goals you would like to achieve with a new site or even a redesign of an existing site. Communicating these to a designer as soon as possible after starting a dialogue is essential. Being realistic about performance expectations is important; designers will be able to help you adjust your goals appropriately and can even tailor design decisions to take them into account as things progress.