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How to Write Good Website Content

It’s no secret that a new website design is a great investment. By prioritising this area of your business you can ensure that potential customers receive a positive first impression. It’s also an effective way to future-proof this area of your business, particularly if you’re able to integrate responsive web design and develop an ongoing website maintenance relationship with your website designer.

However, whilst the visual design of your website is absolutely essential, many businesses remain unsure about how to write good website content. The most successful businesses are interested both in creating a great first impression and continuing to impress customers as they explore your website further.

As a website design agency we have produced hundreds of business websites and worked with a variety of creative teams. In this blog we’ll be sharing a few ideas about how to write good website content that will help to grow your business.

1. Know Your Audience

It might sound obvious, but if you’re going to win customers through your website then you’re going to need to know your audience inside out. This helps to build trust and enables you to add greater emphasis to your call-to-action, increasing the number of site visitors who bring their business to you.

There are several ways in which knowing your audience enables you to write good website content. It helps you to prioritise more effectively and write about the things that will really matter to your customers. It will give you a clear indication of what tone is most helpful for the people that you’re trying to reach. It will help you to identify the best way to present different areas of your business. Ultimately, knowing your audience will ensure that you develop a reputation for understanding your customers and delivering exactly what is required.

2. Keep it Simple

Writing for the web is something of a unique discipline. It is very different to academic writing, correspondence and writing for print.

If you’re going to write good website content then you’ll need to appreciate how short our ‘internet attention span’ is becoming. You’ll need to grab readers’ attention within seconds. This entails both keeping your paragraphs clean and clear and writing in a light, engaging way.

A helpful exercise is to try and write as little as possible. Whilst this isn’t always necessary – and a first draft will often include more information – boiling your website content down to the bare minimum will help readers to find what they’re looking for before they lose interest.

3. Choose Language Carefully

Every industry has its own language and jargon. Understanding this helps you both to win the trust of those in your industry and avoid isolating those who don’t share your parlance.

The most successful businesses find creative ways to communicate professionally and clearly in a way that everybody can understand.

4. Website Content is an Ongoing Team Project

Finally, good website content should be both collaborate and ongoing. In other words, you should try and involve as many people as possible. Whilst it’s possible to dramatically improve your website content in a short period of time, for best results you should see this area of your business as an ongoing project.