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How to Use Twitter for Business

In recent years it has become the norm for every business to have an established social media presence. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, even Pinterest and Instagram: if you’re not growing your audience and reaching new customers it can often feel as though you’re missing out.

The reality is that many businesses are still unsure about the best way to use social media. This is particularly true for smaller businesses who cannot afford to invest in staff to manage this area of their business.

However, that needn’t stop you from developing a very successful social media marketing strategy. Here are 5 tips to help you improve the way you use Twitter for Business.

1. Get Twitter’s Small Business Guide

Twitter have produced a guide to help you get the most out of the platform. It’s in Twitter’s best interests to help you grow your business Twitter account, because you’ll be driving more traffic through their site and encouraging other businesses to do likewise.

The Small Business Guide will give you everything that you need to get up and running with Twitter for Business.

2. Develop and Implement a Twitter Strategy

This important step can sound daunting but really doesn’t need to be long, complex or technical. It simply requires you to write down the Twitter strategy that you and your employees will be pursuing.

Getting your strategy on paper helps you to achieve various objectives. It enables you to equip multiple employees to tweet, reply to @mentions and understand what you’re trying to do. It helps you to keep others accountable when they cross lines that you don’t want to cross. It helps you schedule and prioritise your Twitter activity in order to meet agreed goals. It also gives you an opportunity to set goals – reaching 100 followers, getting 20 retweets, replying to every mention…

It doesn’t actually matter what your strategy covers: the important thing is that you have a strategy.

3. Safeguard against Controversy

There have been numerous high-profile media storms caused by insensitive, inappropriate or even unfortunate Twitter postings. Justine Sacco’s fall from grace is a particularly prominent recent example.

By taking a few simple steps you can safeguard against courting Twitter controversy. This should be included in your strategy. It might be as simple as stating “we don’t tweet about x,y or z“. It might be a decision to never tweet anything negative or critical. If you’re nervous about the implications of getting it wrong you can simply roll out a more conservative strategy to begin with…

4. Learn from your Competitors

You can work out much of what you do – and don’t – want to do by looking at rival companies. Look at their tone, content, engagement, customer service etc and decide what you want your Twitter feed to look like.

5. Persevere with Twitter for Business

Like 99% of business success, the best way to use Twitter for Business is over a long period of time. Resolving to persevere and continuing to set yourself achievable goals will help you to progress and gradually increase your audience base. You’ll learn lessons along the way, modify your strategy and see gradual improvement. However, by digging in for the long haul you will distinguish yourself from many rivals and increase your changes of success.