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How To Rebrand Your Business Without Losing Customers

Many of our clients come to us requiring a total rebrand. This typically involves a new logo, branding package, colour scheme, website design, social media profiles and sometimes even a new name.

The purpose of a rebrand is, of course, to strengthen the quality of your brand and help you to connect with more customers. However, in the short-term a rebrand can leave you feeling very vulnerable. The danger is that by rebranding your business you weaken your ties of loyalty with existing customers. This is particularly true if you are significantly changing your name or logo.

It’s not just SMEs that face these difficulties. The most high-profile recent example of a rebranding failure was GAP’s decision to scrap a new logo after just one week! The feedback from loyal customers was so negative that executives decided to return to the old logo.

The question, then, is how to rebrand your business without losing customers. Here are three ideas to help you add momentum to your rebranding process and secure the loyalty of your existing connections. If you have detailed questions about rebranding or would like to speak to us about working together then please contact us for more information.

Show Customers Your Reasoning

It’s strange how emotionally attached we can become to a particular brand. It’s not uncommon for the likes of Facebook and Twitter to receive a violent backlash to their updated designs and functionality. However, by helping your customers to see the reasons behind the decision you’ll make it easier for them to understand the change.

Only you will know the reasons for your rebrand and exactly how much of this you want to share with your customers. It might be that you’re merging with another company, getting ready to launch a new kind of product or simply bringing an outdated brand into the 21st Century. Showing your customers why the rebrand is necessary will help to reduce disappointment and avoid losing customers.

Prepare a Rebrand Timeline

Successful rebrands need to be carefully project managed. There are two primary reasons for this. The first is that with the breadth of changes that are required it can be easy to fall behind schedule. The second is that the communication of your rebrand should really begin before launch-day.

By letting your customers know that the new brand is on its way you’ll help to make the transition much smoother. You can also use this as an opportunity to thank customers for their loyalty; by letting them know about the rebrand you can demonstrate that you know about their loyalty and consider them to be valued customers.

Ensure Brand Integrity

What do we mean by this? Well, once you’ve decided to launch your new brand it’s important that you do everything in your power to oversee an integrated rebranding campaign. This means that your online presence should be as consistent as possible. Your website, social media, email signatures, marketing literature and invoices all give you an opportunity to show off your new brand.

Whilst some customers won’t initially understand why you’ve chosen to rebrand, the good news is that in the long-term the quality of your new brand will shine through. Providing maximum exposure to your new branding will help you to rebrand your business without losing customers.