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How to Increase E-Commerce Sales

It’s becoming increasingly clear that growing retailers are finding ways to increase e-commerce sales. Whilst the decline of High Street sales is well documented, Christmas 2013 marked yet another successful sales return for many retailers. In fact, High Street flagships are making most of their profits through e-commerce sales.

This is all very encouraging for smaller retailers. E-commerce offers an incredible opportunity to compete with established brands and launch new products with minimal overheads. There are countless examples of innovative designers and entrepreneurs launching e-commerce stores and experiencing explosive growth.

However, for other e-commerce retailers this is an unfamiliar story. Whilst online retail is a rapidly growing sector, not everybody is experiencing the same measure of success.

There are various reasons for this. It could be any one of products, marketing, pricing, customer service, infrastructure, stock levels – in fact, almost anything relating to the running of the business.

There are also many e-commerce retailers who are failing to generate the kind of sales that they should be because their website design is letting them down.

As a UK website design agency we work with a wide range of e-commerce retailers to break down these barriers and produce websites which facilitate growth, not stop it.

Here are some examples of ways in which improving your web design will help you to increase e-commerce sales:


It’s important that you have outstanding, eye-catching photographs of your products. It’s also crucial that your website design allows the images to be shown in the most attractive way possible.

For some businesses, working out how to increase e-commerce sales is as simple as improving the visual sales experience offered to site visitors. It’s important that you give customers a good reason to buy; if they can’t see your products, this probably isn’t happening.

Product Descriptions

This varies hugely depending upon the industry. If you’re selling technical products to people with particular expertise, this will need to be very clearly and accurately communicated. Your product descriptions should both sell the product and preempt any questions that potential customers might be carrying.

Search, Navigation and Sitemap

One of the great frustrations of e-commerce shopping is the inability to find the product that you’re looking for. The best companies know that to increase e-commerce sales you need to give customers the ability to find, compare and browse your products.

This involves your on-site search facility, navigation and sitemap. Whilst some customers will drive straight to the page they are looking for, others will meander through your site. Ensuring that each customer receives a quality user experience will help you to convert pageviews into sales.


Incredibly, even the buttons that you use will impact the success of your business. Some retailers have reported that tablet users are among their highest-spending customers. Giving users big, clear calls-to-action will help to minimise frustration and increase accessibility for all.

Ease of Checkout

Some retailers have reported abandonment rates as high as 80%. In other words, 80% of people who load their online cart/basket fail to complete the transaction.

There are two commonly attributed reasons for this: customers want to see the overall price including delivery and taxes, and the process is too difficult.

Creating a beautiful, simple checkout process (Amazon are superb at this) helps to minimise abandonment rates and increase e-commerce sales by winning the people who are already adding your products to their carts.