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How to Get Your Website Design Ready for Summer

Earlier this week we wrote a short article which asked the question: “Should I change my website design for summer?

We identified three reasons why this is something that all website owners should consider doing. It’s a great way to understand and connect with website visitors, benefit from a varied use of colour and keep your website regularly updated.

In this blog post we’ll be considering how to get your website design ready for summer.

1. Photography

One of the easiest ways to get your website design ready for summer is to use bright, seasonal photography on your website. This will give your website an appropriate, seasonal feel that connects with everything else that website visitors are experiencing. There are some websites which look very good in winter but don’t have the same appeal in summer. It’s important to do everything that you can to feature summery images that connect with your users, ideally on your homepage and product pages.

2. Colour

Ideally you should be looking to feature bright, summer colours in your web design. This can be very low-key and subtle but can help to transform the feel of our site. This might be primarily achieved through the photographs that you use. Alternatives would be your use of colour in text, graphics or even just the products that feature on your homepage.

3. Products and Services

This is much easier if you’re running an e-commerce business but should be possible for all websites. The goal should be that users visualise and understand the way that your products and services benefit them now. This will often be slightly different in the summer months to the winter.

If you’re running an e-commerce business website then this is very easy to achieve; your summer-specific products will feature higher on your website and contribute to the overall experience that users have. However, every business can connect the service that they are offering with the things that are happening in customers’ lives.

4. Social Media

This is probably the easiest (and simplest) way to get your website design ready for summer. As social media plays a key part in the digital reputation of a business, gearing your updates towards summer will help to let your audience know that you’re in step with the season.

Summery updates, seasonal products/deals and even the way that you set up your profile (with summery photographs etc) will all help to contextualise your message for the time of year.

5. Marketing, Literature and Email

As with any branding update, it’s very important that you roll out your changes across of all your literature and resources. In other words, by updating your marketing, literature and email templates with seasonal changes you’ll help to give your brand greater currency over the current months.

We hope that these 5 simple steps will help you to get your website design ready for summer and find creative ways to engage with your audience. If you have any web design questions please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.