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How SEO can Expand Your Business

Here’s a question that almost every business has for their web design company: how can I use SEO to grow my audience, get ahead of my competitors and grow my business?

In 2013, most companies have a working understanding of search engine optimisation. However, knowing some of the principles of SEO is one thing; maximising your website traffic and increasing your turnover is another matter altogether.

We are delighted to be able to offer SEO consultancy services to our clients. David Maykels, the General Manager of Leicester Racecourse, shared his experiences in this way:

I have been using VizionOnline for over 6 years to optimize our website hits via Google keyword searches. Due to their expertise we have seen a 50% growth in our non race day business which has netted a 10 fold return on investment.

Improve Your SEO Results Today

Are you achieving the search engine results page ranking, web traffic and customers that you had hoped for? Has your SEO strategy stagnated? Are you concerned by your website statistics and want to make positive changes?

Here are a few SEO tips to get your started today:

1. Revisit your Keyword Research

It’s always worth looking carefully at the keywords that you’re targeting. There are various reasons why you might be looking to make a change to your keywords. It might be that the terms you’ve identified are no longer relevant. Alternatively, the terms you’re using might either be i. too irrelevant to attract enough traffic to grow your business, or; ii. too competitive for you to feature on page 1 of the search engine results page.

2. Revisit your Content

It’s always worth looking carefully at your existing on-site content, particularly if you’re looking to make any changes to your SEO strategy or keywords. If you’ve written it with SEO keywords in mind, there is often the danger that you’ve focussed too much on writing for search engines and neglected to write for real life people – your potential customers!

Ask yourself how persuasive your content is? Is it clear, concise and compelling? Would a content marketer feel that you’ve provided helpful calls to action for a site visitor?

3. Revisit your Social Media profiles

Most companies who have a successful SEO strategy have accounts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. It’s helpful to consider which of these platforms is the best fit for you. Have you built an audience who are viewing and sharing your original content? The SEO value of social media connections is rapidly increasing.

It’s also helpful to see how your competitors are using social media and work out how you might learn from them. Even if this reinforces your current perceptions, it’s time well spent.

Finally, time spent producing fresh content – whether it’s blog posts, social media updates, video, photography or infographics – is always time well spent.

To find out more about our SEO consultancy services why not contact us today?