How Often Should I Be Updating My Website?

11th June 2014


One of the biggest challenges in ensuring the success of a website design project is the long-term website maintenance that will be essential in maintaining the quality of the site. However, this can seem far from straightforward for many website owners. A good way to start the conversation is to ask “how often should I be updating my website?

It’s worth stating that there are numerous benefits to regularly updating your website. A website which is not maintained will very quickly become ineffective, but a regularly updated site will become an increasingly valuable feature of your business.

A regularly updated website is much more likely to connect with site visitors, because you are presenting them with up-to-date information. This might sound simple, but the stark reality is that an outdated website can rapidly erode a potential customer’s confidence in your business. Implementing regular updates will help you to keep your website as relevant, engaging and accurate as possible. This is a great foundation to build upon.

A regularly updated website will perform much more strongly in the search engine results pages, bringing you increased exposure and higher levels of traffic. This is because search engine algorithms take into consideration the regularity with which your site is updated; bluntly, fresher content tends to be better content. In other words, it’s much harder to continue increasing your organic web traffic if you’re not adding fresh content on a regular basis.

A regularly updated website will tend to be more visually pleasing. This is a somewhat incongruous point, because website maintenance tends to be less concerned about the appearance of the site and more geared towards performance/functionality. However, website owners who work very closely on their website are more likely to appreciate the importance of your website’s aesthetics and take steps to improve this area of your design. Website maintenance, for example, includes updating your images, videos and pages with the most recent and relevant content. A brand new website design tends can go through a period of continuous improvement by setting aside time to make regular updates and constantly assessing the visual impact of your site.

So then, with the value of website maintenance in mind, how often should I be updating my website? This is something that you’ll need to decide for yourself, but here are some guiding principles:


There are certain aspects of your website that may need to be updated daily, including social media updates, prices, events and fluid information.


There are various elements of your site that will need to be considered on a weekly basis. Your blog content, for example, should be updating every 3-5 days in order to continue engaging with visitors and demonstrating to search engines that your website is bang up-to-date.


Every month you should be reviewing your homepage, newsletters and featured updates. For customers who check in with you periodically this will help to ensure that there is fresh and helpful content for them to engage with.


It’s worth booking an annual website MOT to evaluate the effectiveness of your website as a whole. This should include your content, navigation, layout and calls-to-action. If you’re not delivering what you should be – and an annual update can’t fix it – this will give you clear indicators when the time has come to invest in a new website design.