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How HTTPS is Changing Google’s Search Results

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Google have announced a new ranking signal that will affect how they filter websites for their search engine results pages. Every time Google update their search engine algorithm there are a number of SEO implications that we need to take into consideration.

Search Engine Optimisation is constantly changing and evolving. This is because Google’s team of engineers regularly make improvements to their search engine in order to improve the quality of results that they are delivering. The goal of a search engine, after all, is to deliver the most relevant result in any given search. When Google update the criteria that they take into consideration, it’s important that businesses take appropriate steps to ensure that they are both compliant and optimised in order to take advantage of the changes.

This is one of the means that we use to ensure that our clients maximise their organic web traffic and connect with a growing audience of website visitors.

Google have now announced that HTTPS will become a ranking factor. This means that websites with HTTPS (Transport Layer Security) will feature more prominently in search engine results pages. Whilst it’s currently a relatively small factor (one of many) it will nevertheless mean that websites employing HTTPS stand to gain over those who are not.

Why has this change been made?

In a nutshell, it’s because Google understand that their choice of ranking signals will have a huge impact on the way that websites are designed, used and marketed. Unfortunately, every ranking signal is open to abuse. In the past this has led to the use of spam links to try and persuade Google that a particular website has a huge number of sites pointing back to it.

The other side of the coin, however, is that by choosing ranking signals that promote best-practice website design Google will be able to positively impact the way that we use the internet. HTTPS is a good thing because it allows for much higher internet security and safeguards users against various forms of online theft and corruption. By rewarding webmasters running HTTPS sites Google are therefore helping to promote safe internet usage, which both benefits the user and helps to build trust in key sites like Google (which store huge amounts of information about people).

SEO has often been considered a dirty word by web designers and website design purists. However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that good SEO is commensurate with good web design. A well-built website which is up-to-date with the latest technical requirements will perform well in search engine results. This in turn encourages good design and rewards companies who choose reputable web design agencies to build and manage their website.

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