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How DIY Websites can go Wrong

If you do not know what you are doing, then DIY websites can often go wrong.  Chances are you will start off with a positive attitude, go through lots of stress when creating it and then regret going for a DIY option afterwards.  A website needs to be professional and attractive, as well as having all the right tools to make it a success.  Make sure you read up beforehand, so if you are going to create a website yourself, then you will have a better chance of making it a good one.

First of all, many unskilled people who have a go at DIY web design will often get the suitability wrong.  They will clutter the pages up with inappropriate graphics, a rainbow of different colours or unprofessional looking text full of spelling mistakes, when the site is supposed to showcase a serious, professional business.  This can put potential clients off straight away, as it looks shoddy and childish.  A real web designer will know how to target your site to the correct audience.

SEO is also very important.  Many web design companies know how to drive traffic to a particular website through the use of suitable keywords and other tools, such as Google Adwords.  It also helps if you link your website on as many others as possible, because this drives your site up the search engine pages.

Those who tackle designing their site themselves will be more likely to use low quality images or not create the text in a concise and easily readable way.  A good web designer will tell you when your content is wrong and be critical about any bad ideas you have.  This is when you can tell that a web design company knows its stuff and is the one to stick with.  A web designer will be able to enhance and perfect your website with ease, so is worth spending money on if you are unskilled in this area.