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Help in understanding web design vocabulary

While it is often the case that a professional web design service is called in to create a corporate website, companies that have never ventured into this side of marketing before may find the jargon a little confusing. With this in mind, Bop Design has created a list of vocabulary that can help newcomers to the web design world find their way around. There are a number of common terms that are often misunderstood, so it is also designed to combat this problem too.

The list contains references to words such as “blog,” which are commonly used but there are those who are unsure exactly what this is. In some instances this is no longer an online diary of thoughts and events but is often now used to refer to individual articles. Other terms that have been defined include Browser cache, which describes the saved version of the website that the browser stashes away.

A content management system is something that all sites should have. It is the software that is used to monitor the website’s content. Many people will have heard of software such as WordPress but may be unaware that it is actually a content management system rather than just a blog software option. This is a type of software that can be used by somebody who has very little experience in the technical aspects of web design in order to make changes to the site.

Many sites also refer to an “RSS feed.” This allows customers and web users to subscribe to a blog so that they are sent details of updates. This is a useful tool for any website to have as it can help to keep customers coming back time after time.