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Has Your Company Really Thought About Social Media?

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that social media has had a cataclysmic impact on the working world.

It’s changed our personal lives, and it’s changed our working lives. This in itself isn’t a positive thing or a negative thing; it is, however, indicative that things have changed, and as a result our thinking needs to change. As this superb article over at the Harvard Business Review puts it,

If social media is worth doing, than it’s worth making time for. Anyone who’s spending more than an hour a week on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook has presumably made at least a subconscious calculation of the benefits of participating (or better still, an explicit set of goals for what they expect to accomplish with the time invested in social media usage).

Alexandra Samuels’ article works through 4 simple questions for every employee wanting to evaluate their use of social media:

1. What am I learning from social media?

2. Who am I meeting through social media?

3. Who am I reaching through social media?

4. How am I replenished by social media?

As a London web design agency, these are great questions for us to ask ourselves. The working week is spent almost entirely in the vicinity of a computer or smartphone and social media is a vital way for us to engage with our clients. As website designers we are able to use social media to learn from other designers and agencies, meet designers and clients, reach companies who are looking for web designers and enjoy checking out the latest trends in the design and technology world. You’ll see this on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

It might also be a helpful reminder for you to think through how social media is affecting your company. If social media has the potential to help teach, connect and replenish us then it’s important that employees are given helpful guidelines within which to work.

It can be tempting to caricature social media, either as a distracting source of domestic oversharing or as a guaranteed source of free marketing success. The reality is that for most businesses social media lies somewhere between these two extremes.

Facilitating helpful discussion about the benefits and pitfalls of social media has the potential to help your team find a suitable and well thought-through approach to their use of the internet, particularly during working hours.

Why not encourage your staff team to share how they are benefitting from social media? This kind of peer-initiated learning is a fantastic way to discover new ideas, resources and opportunities for your company. Encourage your employees to use social media in a fruitful and sensible way. You might just transform those hours spent on Facebook and Twitter into a learning experience for your staff.

Best of all, they might even bring some of those new skills into the workplace and give your company the social media presence that you’ve been longing for…