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Government encourages online arts exhibitions

A number of organisations are going to have to take online visitors into account in order to make the most of the funding that is going to be available to them in the future. The Culture Secretary has just announced that they will be looking at how the organisations use the internet before determining the funding that they will receive. A new digital channel is to be created that can be accessed using a set-top box that makes use of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). The aim is to bring arts to those who would not normally be able to attend exhibitions and performances.

This means that good web design is no longer enough for some and the focus will be on the art itself, bringing the two together. Digital technology can now be used to create a space where art meets web design and encourage innovation and interest from different areas. One of the reasons for this decision is that many of these organisations are funded by the taxpayer, yet only a small proportion of those people will ever get to the see the results of their investment.

The decision is expected to be welcomed by the arts groups as it means that their work is accessible to all. Looking at new methods of accessing these events is one of the ways in which a number of arts groups are already thinking, and with ministers considering making arts study compulsory until the age of 16, it seems that there may be a whole new audience for the arts in the future.

Social media as well as great web design will be part of the plan for arts groups as they strive to compete for a stronger audience share. There are already a number of museums and art galleries that have created an online virtual exhibition for visitors.