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Google Maps Extends to Interiors

Where art meets web design, Google has begun trialling out the mapping of interiors on its Street View Maps facility. Up until now, it has only shown exterior views, but this new feature will have many more benefits.

You will be able to see the inside areas of public places, including shopping centres and chain stores, restaurants, libraries and more. This is ideal if you want to see what it is like before visiting or prefer to know your way around before you get there.

If you do not like asking people for directions, then Google Map Street View is ideal. It helps you to spot landmarks online beforehand, so you know when and where to cross the road for example, as you should remember seeing that particular landmark when you are there. It shows a 360-degree view of the area, allowing you to see around as if you are virtually walking through that street.

Many estate agents already use the 360 virtual viewing tool for both the exterior and interior areas of the properties that they are selling. It allows potential customers to see if the house is ideal for them before going to visit it. They can make their own mind up there and then without having to waste time or money looking around an unsuitable property.

Websites are becoming more and more interactive, allowing users to have access to a wider range of useful features to help them make important decisions. Keeping up with the times is important for every website in order not to lose any visitors. It helps to keep them interested rather than just looking through a plain text-based website.