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Google flops

Not everything Google launches turns to virtual gold, which is why we decided to look at some of Google’s biggest web initiatives, software launches, and business concepts that didn’t go anywhere.

Google could be argued as the most successful Internet company we’ve ever seen, but it didn’t get to where it is without innovating and takings risks – some of which have failed on a major level.
Because you can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs, some Google projects lasted no more than a day and then vanished forever. Other Google Dodos have been left to languish inside Google’s jungle of web services before slowly becoming extinct, whilst some Google test-tube babies never make it out of the lab..

Google X was a re-designed page that was styled like a user interface on MAC OS X. On the bottom of the page was written “Roses are red. Violets are blue. OS X rocks. Homage to you.” The site, which launched in 2005, lasted one day..

Google Catalog has been in a beta since 2002, and currently its most recent offering for a search on “laptops” delivers a 2006 result.

Google Video Player came and went – because we all already had video players on our computers thank you very much.

Google answers, where you offered experts money to answer your conundrum was beaten by free offerings from the likes of Yahoo. Google Answers response to the question “What has happened to Answers?” is “There is no answer at this time.”

Google’s brief dabble with voice search in 2003 – where you dial a number on screen, speak your request to refresh your page with answers – sounded promising, but soon got hung up..

And Google Orkut, launched in 2004 is the social networking site is a big hit in Brazil, but anywhere else, Orkut has lagged in popularity behind Facebook and MySpace.