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Google Celebrates 13th Birthday

Google is the most widely used search engine across the world and it has just celebrated its 13th Birthday, on the 27th September 2011.  Where art meets web design, it commemorated this milestone with a special birthday doodle featured on its home page.  The website has done this on many occasions, such as the birthday of many famous celebrities and inventors, as well as other different news items.

Google has recently ventured into other areas of web design, such as social networking.  With the launch of Google+, it goes head-to-head with top rival Facebook.  Google+ has been open on a trial basis for a few months this year, where it was only an invitation-only service, but now the site has been made public and accessible to all.  Only time will tell if it will overtake Facebook in terms of popularity.

With a 90% share of the global internet search market, Google is an extremely popular website across the world.  It has many different features aside from the search engine and new social network.  Google Maps helps you to find out the distance between two different locations and how long it takes to travel by car or on foot or public transport.  In many places, you can also experience walking around the area in a virtual manner using the images they have taken.  This allows you to follow a route you want to take so you can remember where to go once you are there, as various landmarks that you have seen online should be familiar.

Other Google features include email services, news, image and video searches, documents and Adsense.