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Google can Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Google’s feature GoMo helps to make your web design mobile friendly. More and more people are using mobile devices to access websites, so it makes it really important to be accessible to customers from any piece of technology.

Mobile optimisation tools can help to fit your website into a mobile phone screen and make it easier to navigate around. It can improve features such as adding larger buttons instead of having small links to click on. These make it easier and quicker to click on from a phone. A web designer can help to make your website mobile friendly as well as having the standard version, so it is well worth looking into. This is even more important for ecommerce websites as you could lose out on income if you do not make your site accessible for all types of devices.

The GoMo Meter tool allows you to check if your existing website is already mobile friendly. It checks the loading speeds and if these are under five seconds, then it will be fine. The images also need to display well and the text should be clear to read without having to zoom in on it. The links should also be able to be clicked on without having to maximise the page. If it shows that your website is not mobile friendly, then a web designer can help you to change it or create another version for mobile devices. You will be able to discuss with them your thoughts so they can then turn it into a reality and allow your site to have the best accessibility.